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Of Newspaper, Waffles and EURO2012

June 18, 2012 Leave a comment

After three weeks as a full time ice cream man, I’m glad to say that all my fingers are still intact, neither harmed by stray knife cuts nor frostbitten.

The past three weeks had been pretty eventful. For a start, I got my ugly mug printed in a Business Times feature on young entrepreneurs. I received plenty of encouragement and some good natured ribbing from friends and ex-colleagues, but sadly no attention from the opposite sex yet. Putting that disappointment aside, friends have been suggesting that we plaster that newspaper article on our shop window as a way to publicize our brand. I’m a bit iffy on this one, but if it helps to get us noticed, I’m all for terrorizing passerbys with my ugly mugshot.

Last week also saw us finally launching our waffles after two months of intensive research. While Chief Craftsman’s role during the research phase was to tweak with the receipe until we find THE one, my role was much simpler and primitive. It simply involved opening my mouth and shoving truckload of waffles into it. As most of our waffles research take place mostly after 11pm once we have closed for the day, one can imagine the relief and elation that my tummy felt when we finally launched the waffles. Speaking of the waffle launch, we are currently running a promotion for the waffles, details can be found here.

Of course this period also see sixteen footballing powers (I am using the term loosely) from Europe battling¬† for bragging rights and also the right to possessing the gigantic gold plated water mug. After having to miss a good part of EURO 2008 and World Cup 2010 due to reservist training, I finally get a chance to catch the matches. One thing about being self-employed is I get to watch football matches in the wee hours without risking the wrath of my boss when he catches me nodding off the following day. Unfortunately while the mind is willing, the body clock often refuses to function at 2:45am as I often dozed off much to the aghast of my mum when she finds the television set still powered up the next morning.¬† If you are wondering what is the link betweenEURO2012 and the ice cream business, it is because WE ARE RUNNING A EURO2012 THEMED COMPETITION. Hope that caught your attention. Being the football crazy nuts (we named our holding company after the once popular football game Winning Eleven), we decided to roll out a contest that rewards customers who correctly predict the winner of the EURO2012. I won’t bore you with the mechanism of the contest, you can find out more here.

All right, I’m signing off.¬† Remember, when you feel stressed out, keep calm and eat ice cream.