How it started

This is a story of bringing fun into daily life. In 2011, three young professional who were jaded from their unremarkable day jobs decided to start a business venture that can give them a true sense of ownership, fulfillment and enjoyment.

Many questions were asked and ideas tossed around. In the midst of sourcing for viable F&B franchising opportunities, they came across an US based ice cream brand that had just started operations in Singapore. Struck by the romantic idea of becoming an ice cream man, they intensively researched on the industry, reviewed the franchising proposal and ultimately its financial viability. Although they declined the offer, the experience piqued their interests in ice cream and set them off on their first steps towards creating their own ice cream business.

Using their Jedi mind tricks, they further managed to arm twist hoodwink convince another friend to invest in their venture. And so the three bumbling kitchen novices (till this day, one still insists that he is a functional cook) started a research process that stretched over a year. Battling a combination of frayed tempers, overheated food processors, less than encouraging initial feedback and expanding waistlines from excessive consumption of ice cream, the trio finally settles on a winning recipe.

What is different about our ice cream?

During reconnaissance trips to suss out the competition, it is apparent that the usage of artificial coloring, flavoring and stabilizer is an industry norm. While all these additives are deemed safe for human consumption, it is created quite a furore when the local media highlighted the effects of stabilizer in ice cream. You can read up more about it here.

It is our belief that ice cream should be crafted with natural ingredients and even by eschewing the likes of additives, artificial coloring and artificial stabilizers, the ice cream can taste as good or even much better. Customers are encouraged to take a peep into our open kitchen to observe the kind of ingredients that are used and also learn more about the ice cream making process.

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