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Guess whos back?

November 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Its been awhile since the last update, hasn’t it?

The official reason is that we did not want to hamper the migration process of the blog to our newly minted official website

Given that the only time I get to use the PC (yup, old man here still prefers facing the dreaded BSOD rather than the spinning colour wheel) is often only after 1am, its a no brainer that I choose sleep over blogging.

Well well, now that the website is finally up and running, theres no excuse reason for me not to blog anymore. Besides the WordPress app is working like a charm on my new iphone5 *smug look*, so here I am typing this post on a cold
and wet Deepavali afternoon.

Speaking of the website, do spend some time reading it, especially the About and Products pages. The former spells out our beliefs that define our products while the latter features writeups on most of the flavours that we sell. Don’t worry, won’t run away if you stop reading it for 15 minutes.

If the some photos on the Products page looks ugly and amateurish, it indeed is. Consistent with our no-frills and miserly approach, all the photos there are taken by ourselves. Call it a labour of ugly love, if you will.

Alright, all these typing on the iphone is giving my thumbs cramps. Till the next time I blog then, I promise it won’t take longer than the previous hiatus.

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