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The weeks ahead

To continue from where I signed off from the previous post, the FREAKING SIGNBOARD IS FINALLY COMING. LIKE THIS FREAKING FRIDAY. Unless of course it gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.


I digress. This post is more about the plans that we have lined up for Merely Ice Cream once I go full time on 28th May. For a start, there will be greater engagement and interaction with the customers, and a greater quality control over the ice cream sold. And to be frank, ever since the tertiary institutions started their summer break, the plunge in sales is second only to the free-fall of the JPMorgan counter after they announced their two billion losses. Clearly something needs to be done to drum up awareness of our shop. And doing a cross promotion with Strand Hotel and Hotel 81 is not an option..

Thanks to a friend’s hook-up, I have the privilege of getting interviewed by Business Times for a Young Entrepreneur feature that they run every Monday and the publication date for my write-up is on, you guess it, 28th May. What an impeccable timing. This serves as a nice form of publicity and also removes the item, “Get Featured on Newspaper other than the Obituary” off my bucket list.

To ride on this well timed newspaper feature, we will be running a week long promotion tentatively named the Proprietor Week Promo, which is simply a narcissistic attempt to celebrate my freedom from the corporate world thinly disguised as an awareness drive.

So what are in store for the customers during the Proprietor Week? Of course that will be discounts and offers, the detail and quantum will be revealed on our Facebook once we have finalized it.

For those who have been returning for our ice cream will be happy to know that we are launching a loyalty program. We have tie up with Perx, an app which comes in both Android and iOS versions, which allows consumers to collect loyalty stamps on their smartphones via the scanning of QR codes. We will make your while worth it if you accumulate enough stamps on your app.

During this week, we will also be launching our waffles. Oops, think I miss out the word finally in the previous sentence. The reason why we are taking donkey years to roll out our waffles is simply that we don’t believe in selling something that we don’t find delicious. Rather than taking the easy way out through the usage of premix, we choose to experiment with various recipes to come out with a waffle that we can’t resist munching on. At this stage, we are just a slight tweak away from that irresistible waffle.

If all of the above doesn’t interest you, you can always drop by to ogle at our beautiful signboard, or mock us if the signboard still doesn’t show up by then.

(Ps: I could do with more love on our facebook page, that’s part of my KPI after all. Share it with your friends)


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