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Updates – a month on

Oops, it has been over a month since our last update. One can imagine the whirlwind of events that have transpired since the last update; a mad rush to get the clearance from NEA, malfunctioning central airconditioning system, opening the shop without a signboard after being played out by the supplier, grappling with an overheated kitchen comparable to an inferno, dealing with an unexpected demand in the opening weeks thanks to the support of the nearby tertiary students and an expected fall in intake as the same group of students go off for their summer break. And all these happened while both the Chief Craftsman and myself are still juggling between our day job and the shop. Thank goodness for caffeine.

Despite all the challenges, it was a thoroughly enjoyable first month of operation (my enjoyment level may go for a toss once we finalized the P&L). Ice cream is a happy food, and we are extremely humbled that our creations are able to put smiles on faces of those have tried our ice cream. And for us to be even able to scoop our ice creams to our customers, we owe our friends, relatives, happy staffers, designers and suppliers for all their help in turning that bare shop unit into an ice cream parlor, patronage and  publicizing our existence through word of mouth and through the social media. Thank you!

So long folks, I promised the next post won’t take another month to materialize. It will either be when the blue moon rises or when our signboard finally goes up, whichever happens first.

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