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Sourcing the freshest fruits

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

A cornerstone of our corporate ethos is the eschewing of artificial flavorings and preservatives in favor of the usage of fresh produces in the production of our ice cream. As fruit flavors feature prominently in our ice cream line-up, we are sparing no efforts in sourcing the freshest fruits. In Singapore, fruits don’t come fresher than those at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, and that was where we ended up on a lazy Saturday morning.

The day started off on a wrong note as I slept through the alarm clock which left me with only 10 minutes of preparation time before my scheduled meetup with the Chief Craftsman. While I managed to wash up and pack my bag at the same time, I have to forgo my breakfast and also valuable poo poo time. And all this to find out he was late when I arrived at the scheduled meeting point at 7.30am. Damn.

For those who haven’t been to there, Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre is situated in front of the Pasir Panjang Terminal, where the produces are shipped in on a daily basis. Hawkers, wet market stall proprietors, purchasers for supermarkets congregate there every morning to pick the freshest vegetables and fruits. The stalls are housed in four to five sprawling blocks, grouped together by the nature of their produce. There is one for vegetables, fruits, dry goods and even a large cold room to store the produces.

Having alighted at the Wholesale Centre after a long and expensive cab journey, I reluctantly gave the food court a miss in favor of heading to scour for fruits suppliers despite the audible protest from my tummy. The first supplier that we came across brushed us aside when they heard how puny our orders are. Can’t blame them given they are the biggest fruit supplier in Singapore while we don’t even have our own name cards yet. The next few suppliers we approached were more positive, as they do provide free delivery if we chalk up orders of up to 80 dollars per order. One supplier that gave us positive vibes was KSY . Helmed by a relatively young chap, whom I pressume is the boss, he was patient in explaining the finer details and even showed us the various kind of fruits they have in the cold room. Another big plus is they are the fruit supplier for major local ice cream parlour and they know the needs and requirements that of us ice cream parlours.

Regardless of which supplier we choose, be rest assured that our fruits ice cream are made from the freshest produce possible.

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