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Not just merely a cash register

February 16, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

If only the setting up of an ice cream parlor is as easy as making tasty ice cream. Over the past few months we have been fretting over issues ranging  from shop location, staffing, furniture and right down to the number of ply in the paper napkins. And one of the topic that took up a sizable chunk of our time is that of the cash register system. A seemingly simple decision soon became a long drawn out decision making process when it became clear the merits of using a point-of-sales (POS) system has over the vanilla cash register.

Scouring the internet for affordable POS solution proved futile as most of the costs were way out of our budget. While the local government agency, Spring, provides funding of up to a grand for POS solution, most of the available vendors charge hefty delivery and training fees which is not economical for a new start up like us. Then through sheer luck or perseverance, we stumbled upon this video on how one shop in the United States uses the iPad as a POS system. Yes, the same iPad that you use to play Angrybirds and watch your TVB dramas on.

With more time spent on google, we unearthed this local app that offers a POS solution for a one off fee without any recurring monthly charges that their US – based competitors levied. Coupled with a thermal printer, cash drawer, router, mobile broadband USB dongle and a litany of swear words, we finally got our iPad POS system up and running last night!

While this isn’t much cheaper than your regular POS system, at least we will look cool and hip punching in your orders when you drop by Merely next time.

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