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Furnishing Idea – The pallet table

Pallet Table

We are officially 10 days away from the commencement of renovation. Right now there are like 101 things running through our minds, and one of them is the sourcing of furniture for our shop. After factoring the kitchen and ice cream display counter, there is still room for about ten tables and more. The desire for something different got me scouring the internet for inspiration. After poring through sites like Scraphacker and IKEAhacker, I came away brimming with ideas.

Inspired by IKEA, and how they incorporate wooden pallets as part of their display, I came up with a conceptual drawing of a table that is constructed using three pieces of wooden pallets. We did toyed with the idea of using discarded wooden pallets for our concept, but the logistical nightmare of transporting the hefty pallets and presence of  stray nails and wood splinters on these pellets nixed that idea in the bud. With that option thrown out of the window,  we are currently in contact with wooden pallets makers on customizing this table concept. The quotation isn’t out yet,  hopefully it wouldn’t contain any astronomical figures to be a show stopper for this pallet table concept.

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