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This is the blank canvas that we have inherited (actually we paid for it with our hard earned money). We have a month or so to transform this into something different and hopefully something that can resonates with the crowd. Now the question is how do we go about doing it?

By simply throwing the finest ingredients like black truffles, parma ham, abalones, caviars and foie gras into a pot doesn’t guarantee you the best tasting dish. On the contrary, some of the best dishes are made with ingredients that are often an afterthought in the kitchens, as evident from the movie Ratatouille. Let’s just hope we can strike that delicate balance in getting our renovation right. Do check back for updates on the progress of our renovation!

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  1. Ooof
    January 12, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    more posts from chief craftsman!!

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