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Lemongrass in ice cream?

When I think of lemongrass, the only thing that instantaneously comes to my mind is Tom Yum Soup. I am not exactly a fan of lemongrass and it has never cross my mind that to use it to make some ice cream. However at the insistence of LoST I decided it to give it a try.

We basically infused some lemongrass and pandan leaves with the hot custard base for a few hours.  The result was surprisingly good. It was refreshing and not too sweet. But I thought the lemongrass and pandan flavor were a tad too light. It can be more intense. We would probably have to research further to improve the infusion method.

If you are looking a light ice cream to complement your heavy dinner, this would be an ideal choice. In fact I am thinking, maybe we can pair this ice cream with some decadent chocolate lava cake.

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