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Thought it would be better to explain the title of this post before I get lynched in public for corrupting the minds of our youths. We had a fruitful meeting with a young, talented designer whom we have engaged to come up with an identity and logo for our business and “Creamed” was one of the name that he came up with. I thought it is a nice, playful ring to it but given the suggestive and risque connotation associated with the word, we have to give it a miss. Rather than letting such a nice name go to waste, I decided to recycle it as a recurrent topic to showcase ice cream flavors that we have researched over the past week.

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1. Chocolate

Using Valrhona chocolate powder, it was rich, chocolatey but from feedback, could have done with a little more sugar

2. Bailey Vietnamese Coffee

Chief Craftsman’s creation of the past week. Generous with the bailey, it packs a strong punch on the initial mouthful which is slowly replaced by the aroma of the coffee.

3. Horlick

Its just like Horlick Gao in ice cream form. Malt lovers’ paradise.

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