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Why “LosT”!?!?

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

With the incessant queries from my partner on the choice of my depressing pen name, I have decided to come upfront to clear the air.

I am NOT depressed! Although at the rate I have been creating mini ice cream disaster, I will probably drive myself crazy. But then I am digressing, so back to the topic on hand.

[Dear readers, this portion of the post has been removed due to some arm twisting from my partners, freedom of speech in our society is now a thing of the past with prevalent censorship imposed by callous acts of coercion and threat.]

Now with that out of the way, it’s time to explain my choice of pen name. I started out cooking just so that I won’t have to live on pizza and burger while studying in the States, however as mentioned in my earlier post, I am purely a functional cook who goes by instinct! I know this may sound scary, but this is really how I cooked: a pinch of salt and then taste; a dash of pepper and then taste; and many more repetitions after that! Of course at the end of it all, I will usually end up with something edible, but definitely won’t win any culinary award.

However for ice cream, it crazy! And you can never do that (previous paragraph on my style of cooking) for the custard mix, unless you just want to dump it in the bin, which is something that I have been doing pretty regularly. Wanton experimentation will only create ice creams that are either too icy, too sweet, too soft, too salty and many more variations of yuckiness (if there is ever such a word)! Haiz I am perpetually “LosT” when it comes to making ice cream and hence the “depressing” pen name. Although I have been making slow progress as I come to terms with the science of ice cream making, there were still times when I wish I could still pretend to be able to cook, just by being functional.

So all you master chef wannabes out there, don’t ever lose heart if your attempt at making something deceivingly easy fails, there is always someone out there who is worst off (a.k.a LosT).

Till next time…

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