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“Failure is the Mother of Success”

All it took was one moment of madness and here I am…

Churning homemade ice cream for the past one year…

Who am I…

My name is LosT… The last member of the trio….

(At this point, there is like loads of smoke and this really cool high tempo music starts playing in the background as I slowly walked out of the darkness…)

Muahaha… I am really sorry but I just couldn’t resist having such a corny introduction, I have been watching way too many reruns of the movie “Rocky Balboa”. By the way, I too have a little confession to make, just like Chief Craftsman this is my first blog posting, and I have never been much of a writer. My ability to spin a yarn is nil/nothing/naught/zero unlike tyw, SO please bear with me, as I manfully struggle to type something of resemblance to a proper blog. HOWEVER if you have decided that you have had enough, do log off and go watch a Rocky movie!

It has been a cold, delicous, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and alcohol fuelled year for me, ever since I have embarked on this journey of inventing, churning and tasting homemade ice cream! Many moments of failure followed by some moments of eureka has really helped me to appreciate the art of making awesome ice cream. It’s so hard to strike a balance when making ice cream, which can be either too sweet, too soft, too heavy or even too dry! Sigh! At this point, I have another confession to make: I have always been one of those functional cooks, i.e pasta, instant noodle, burnt fried rice and other stuff that you can find in your camp cookhouse, so in a way ice cream making is really not my thing. While Chief Craftsman had been patiently trying to teach me the fundamentals, lets just say that I still have alot more to learn. With that, I can proudly say that most of the misadventures in the kitchen has been contributed by yours truly!

Now now, just before you guys start panicking, I must say that I do have my fair share of modest success and just to allay your fear further, most of the homemade ice creams are skillfully crafted by the ever dependable Chief Craftsman and tyw, with me providing the extremely strict QC! Thats why we make such a great team *wink

With that I shall leave you with this absolutely wonderful phrase that I use pretty often to console myself, “Failure is the Mother of Success”

Till next time…

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