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Epic Fail! (1)

A few weeks back, the culinary devil planted a seed in my mind. What if I turn Sweet Thai Chilli into an ice cream? What transpired next would have gotten top billing on the Andrew Zimmern‘s show, Bizarre Foods.

 In my first attempt, I  used two bright red chillis (seeds included), two garlic cloves and a generous dose of white vinegar. At the subsequent tasting session involving Chief Craftsman, (insert his pen name when he finally decided on it) and my mum, all gagged with the exception of my mum. 世上真的只有妈妈好. Suffice to say, the tub of Sweet Thai Chilli “ice cream” found its way to the bin.

Not one to be deterred, or 铁齿 as my mum sometimes put it, I revisited the Sweet Thai Chilli ice cream recipe again, this time sans vinegar. With the help of Chief Craftsman to finetune the science part, we decided to toast the chillis and garlics to bring out the aroma of the spices. The result? No one gagged this time round, and (insert his pen name when he finally decided on it) even managed to spoon a few spoons into his mouth before tapping out to the faint hint of garlic lingering in the ice cream.

I figure the next iteration (if there is ever going to be one) will involve no garlics and probably some lemongrass to confuse entice the tastebuds.

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