Virgin post


I have been asked to do a short write-up about the ice cream we made. I must confess I am absolutely an awful writer. (By the way this is my virgin blog post)

Making ice cream is a combination of Science and Art. Once you master the science (I will not elaborate too much on this because it’s really not too sexy, we will take care this part) of making ice cream, that’s where the arty-farty, and fun part comes in. You can incorporate whatever you like!

There are a few types of ice creams; French style, Philadelphia-style, Italian Gelato and so on, which I will touch on in another post.

It’s homemade!

Our ice cream is fairly simple. There is just 1 word to describe it ….“Homemade” ice cream! Doesn’t that sound very familiar?

Many ice cream cafes have been using the term “homemade” quite commonly. Not many owners have attempted to explain how their ice cream is “homemade” though.

“Homemade” to us simply means

(1) Making ice cream with ingredients you will normally find at home.

(2) Putting in effort to craft the ice cream as though you are crafting it for your loved one.

We make ice cream mainly using milk, cream and sugar. We use no emulsifiers or stabilizers to make our ice cream with exception of egg yolks. Egg yolk contains a number of emulsifier for example Lecithin. ( Sounds sophisticated doesn’t it? This is the science part). We do not rely on commercial ice cream pre-mixes.

It’s Real!

We have a belief. Ice cream must be crafted using real ingredients. We want people to taste real ice cream and we believe the best tasting strawberry ice cream is one which is made using real fresh strawberries. The same theory applies to all our other flavors.

Why people do not fancy using real ingredient sometime…..

(1) They think it’s troublesome to process real fruits. They use ready made fruits puree.

(2) They think its too expensive, there are cheaper alternatives like extract, commercial flavoring.

(3) They think fruits have too high water content and they have no idea how to incorporate it into ice cream.

(4) They think fruits will affect the consistency of their products because fresh fruits quality varies.

I don't want you in my ice cream!

Why we insist on using real ingredient…..

(1) Ice cream tastes fabulous when using real ingredient. You can taste the texture of the fruits bits.

(2) Commercial fruit flavoring, extract and essences are nonsense. To me these are illusionary product, they make people feel that they are eating that product when they aren’t.

(3) We understand the science of making ice cream, we can handle the high water content of fruits and incorporate it in our ice cream.

(4) It makes the taste of the ice cream slightly different every batch because fresh fruits are different. (To me this is the beauty of having real fresh fruits. It is like drinking fresh fruit juice vs F&N orange)

Thats all for today. I will write about the different style of ice cream in my next post.

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